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Here Comes Valentines!

February 11, 2012
Logo for Middletown CT florist
Wow it is getting busy over here at Green Dahlia and most of the orders so far are for contemporary arrangements, Thank You Middletown for being open to cool stuff!  In case you are wondering what to order, I have compiled some images here for you….
I just want to say that this is our FIRST Valentines Day open, and also- MY BIRTHDAY! That is right, I will be working like crazy on my 29th (I can hardly believe it either) birthday…. And loving every minute of it!!!

This year, European Hand-Tied bouquets are HOT!  They are perfect for people who already have vases at home, and don’t want to collect more… With the stems perfectly spiraled, the flowers can stand on their own.  I wrap them in cellophane and fill it with water. The flowers can then be transferred to one of your vases, or just stay in the plastic- they stand all on their own.

Hand-Tied bouquet in Cellophane

We have fresh flowers coming in every day up until Valentines Day- and that is good because they are going out as fast as they come in!  If you are looking for roses, we only have a limited number on order, and they will arrive on Sunday.  This year we are using roses from Roses for Autism– they are genuine heirloom roses grown right in Guilford, Ct and all proceeds go to a great cause.   As true heirloom roses are want to do, they open beautifully, and smell fantastic but only last a few days.  They also dry very nicely when hung upside down and keep their color.  I don’t even know what colors are coming as I left it up to the staff to pick out the best looking varieties for me- so it will be a surprise!

Beautiful Local Heirloom Roses from Roses for Autisum

Here are some images of some contemporary design styles to get you thinking out of the box-

Mini Cymbidium, Orbital arrangement

This actual arrangement is currently showing itself off at the New England Emporium in Middletown, should you stop in please take a second to check it out…

orbital mini cymbidium arrangment

decorative Kale, orchids, waxflower

Here is a slightly similar one, featuring decorative Kale, orchids and steel grass.  This is an “enclosure” style…

Enclosure Design

Here is a small design, it’s a mini cymbidium framed with Steel Grass

Framing Technique

Next Up- some images from my website:

Architectural design, very structured

This is an English Garden Hedge style, very tall and narrow, like a hedge of flowers

landscape technique, like a miniature world

Another Enclosure, tear drop shape

I should mention some ordering information:
You can call 860.346.0000 to place an order for pick up or delivery.
There is no minimun for orders being picked up at our storefront (725 South Main St. Middletown, Ct)- Please call in advance during holidays-
Our delivery minimum is $60 in town, and orders NEED to be placed no later than the 13th to guarentee delivery for Tues.
In town deliveries are a 10.00 charge, out-of-town depends on the mileage.
The best way to make an order is to call and tell me if you would like:
something traditional or something contemporary or something somewhere in between
Give me a few adjectives to go on, here are some examples:
playful, sexy, pretty, crazy, wild, big, huge- something that makes her say “wow” or- whatever you come up with-

We will be here all day Tuesday, but our stock will be limited to what is in-house.

Check out our Website at
or our Facebook Page for more images

Well, I have to get back to work now 🙂
(Yes, I will be here late and early every day untill Valentines’ is Successfully done!)
See you soon!


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