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Looking Ahead: Floral Jewelry class

September 23, 2011

Next Monday, Oct. 3rd I will be teaching a class on Floral Jewelry through Middletown Adult Ed.
The class will be held from 6-8:30 pm.

What exactly is “Floral Jewelry” you ask?

Well, it’s yet another way you can accessorize your outfit for special occasions, and not just for proms!
Floral Jewelry has been spotted at weddings, holiday parties, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, or just a night on the town.
From simple hair flowers to elaborate overlays, Floral Jewelry is making it’s mark.

Here are a few extreme fashion pieces that I  created for a photo shoot that Datura, A Modern Garden did flowers for. (the establishment where I started my career in floral design over 10 years ago)

necklaces made primarily of fresh floral materials

Fresh Floral Necklaces, Photo Credit: Carla Ten Eyck photography

This first necklace is done with a plant I absolutely love called String of Pearl or String of Beads.
These plants can be kind of hard to locate, so when I saw the extremely impressive hanging pots at Ballek’s Garden Center in East Hampton  (one of my favorite nurseries) I had to buy them!
One of my favorite features of these plants is how long the strands can last without a water source. Up to 3 months!

The second necklace is created on a base of green wire spirals (hand done) using “String of Hearts” (another succulent plant with super lasting ability), orchid blossoms and a plant called Mother of Thousands, or Baby Tears

Bracelets made of fresh floral materials

Fresh Floral Bracelets, Photo Credit: Carla Ten Eyck Photography

The first part of the class will be a demonstration.  I will have some really amazing pieces made for a bit of show and tell, and of course, behind the scenes tips and tricks.
The second half of the session is hands-on.  We will be making some bracelets like these  in the second part of the class.
During the short break a “Corsage Bar” will be set up and participants will be able to choose their own materials from the color of wire to the flowers, each piece will be unique.  If time allows, we will then create some magnetic boutonnières.  Not only will you see how easy it is to make them, but to wear them as well!

Flowers to wear on your wrist like jewelery

Wristlet, Photo Credit: Jenny Lecce

Here is a link to the Class Registration information for Middletown Adult Ed

Check out their other classes while you’re on the site, they have a lot to offer with a curriculum that changes each semester.

Hope to see you there, or at least back here for the follow-up post!
Thanks for reading,


  1. Aryn permalink

    Wonderful and inspiring designs! Thank you, Cat. Your talent is endless.

  2. Jennifer permalink


  3. Tesha permalink

    You & your designs– so easy to love!

  4. Dawn permalink

    I can hardly wait for class to start!

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