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Green Dahlia, Middletown Ct – Our new Blog:)

September 20, 2011
Logo for Middletown CT florist

I imagine that the first Blog Post Ever may have the tendency to be a little rough. Here goes it, the FIRST BLOG POST for not only Green Dahlia, but for the owner / writer (me) Catherine Epright.

Green Dahlia is a new flower shop located at 725 South Main St,  Middletown CT.  Although the shop specializes in modern, Contemporary designs, all styles are possible here.  From beautiful, full, lush garden designs to minimalistic floral “sculpture” this shop can do it all!

Since we are brand new to town and are working on getting the word out, customers are encouraged to place their orders at least a day in advance of delivery or pick-up. This allows us to use the freshest products because we can bring them in for you, and in turn allows for a wider selection.

These next 4 photos were shot by one of my favorite photographers, Jacklyn Greenberg of Jag Studios. (Thanks!)

( )

They can also be found on our new website,

4 different designs shown, different styles
from top left: Floral Interpretation of Central Park, Traditional Grouping design, quirky bridal bouquet with wired rocks, lychee nuts and Brussel sprouts and (bottom right) stacked square vases

 Welcome again to the new blog, and don’t forget to check out our new website!

Stay Tuned!



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