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Old and the New

February 3, 2012

I have just received some images of some of the Floral Jewelry that I had made for the class I taught last fall, which happened to coincide nicely with a photo shoot Datura, A Modern Garden was doing the same day with one of Connecticut’s best photographers- Carla TenEyck.

Some of the adjectives given to us for the photoshoot were Nautical, Preppy, and Clean- since I already had a Floral Jewelry class scheduled the same day, I made some items to send out to be photographed, and then to use later in the demonstration part of the class. Here is one necklace done with String of Pearl plant, and tiny little shells:

necklace, string of pearl plant and tiny shells, image by Carla TenEyck

necklace, string of pearl plant and tiny shells, image by Carla TenEyck

Next up, a floral Bracelet done with Coxcomb and Yellow Craspedia- one of my favorite flowers, and I am looking forward to the 100 stems that will be showing up on Monday- Just in time for the next hands-on floral class I am teaching at Middletown Adult Ed this coming Tuesday- This one is on Traditional Flower Arrangements, and the class is full 🙂

bracelet, craspedia and coxcomb image by Carla TenEyck

Next- a Headband made with Asplenium- one of my favorite plants. I personally call it Lasagna Fern, you can see why.  The Wholesalers sometimes call it “Crispy Wave” which is also quite fitting.  This is a very simple headband with phaelenopsis orchids as the floral accent.

headband, asplenium and phalaenopsis- Image by Carla TenEyck

Headband, Asplenium, Phalaenopsis Orchid, Image by Carla TenEyck

I had originally created this piece also as a head wrap/headband using Velcro that can be fitted exactly to the head of the person wearing it; however Dana Bartone – a genius of Hair Styling- decided to weave it into her up-do instead. This piece matches the first necklace I showed you, using the String of Pearl and tiny shells again, this time adding a perfect vanilla lisianthus bloom as the accent.

Headband with shells, String of Pearl,and Lisianthus- Image by Carla TenEyck

Last up for today, a choker. This one is a take on the fabric flower, using some strips of red ribbon and the throats of Cymbidium orchids:

floral choker, Image by Carla TenEyck

If you are interested in seeing more images from this shoot, be sure to check out the blog post from Datura, or even pick up a copy of the Spring/Summer 2012 Connecticut Bride Magazine 🙂

Beauty: Dana Bartone and Co., Cheshire. Creative Direction: Jubilee Events. Floral Design: Datura:A Modern Garden. Fashion Stylist:The White Dress by the Shore. Cake: A Little Imagination Cakes. Paper: Coral Pheasant Stationery + Design. Shot at Dreamscapes Design Group and on location at the Griswold Inn and downtown Essex

See you in Class Tuesday!



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