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Designs by Catherine Epright make an Online Appearance…

November 16, 2011

A while back, Tony Palimeri of Datura, A Modern Garden was approached by an online flower blog, asking if they could post some designs from his website to their blog.  The name of the Website/ Blog is Bollea, and we went to check it out.  The Editor of Bollea really does have very good taste, and the site is a great resource for inspiration.  Not only that, but they post a few times a week.  Tony sent in a number of images, and they appear from time to time. I will take this opportunity to post some of my designs that have proudly made the cut… Coincidentally, all of the following images are taken by Jaquiline and Chris of JAG Studios, one of the best photographer teams I have had the pleasure to meet

cranberries strung and wound around a grapevine ball with orchid accents

Cranberry orchid cascade

Fan shaped bridal bouquet with Gloriosa Lillies, Lisianthus, Crespedia and Green Trick Dianthus

A throwback to the old fan-style bouquet

Bridal Bouquet made with Broccoli, Dill, Parsley, Amaranthus

"Edilble" Bridal Bouquet

Cymbidium orchids configured into a raindrop shape with yarn

Cymbidium Drop

A full shot of the cymbidium cascade bouquet

A full shot of the cascade

And on another flower blog, Botanical Brouhaha– here is an bouquet made of Ornimental Peppers, Photographed by RAW Photography

Bridal Bouquet made of ornimental peppers and thistle

Ornimental Peppers and thistle

I am proud to have my work published online, and even in a few print magazines so I do send out thanks to Datura for making these play-dates possible for me….  Don’t forget to check out Tony’s Blogsite for Datura– it’s full of awesome images and stories of his adventures (and he has been on many different adventures this year!)

Keep your eyes open though because one of these days my designs will be in print yet again, only under the name Green Dahlia!


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